Who we are

About us

We are a professional group focused on R&D in activities related to preventive and predictive maintenance with 20 years of experience providing these services in different countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australasia, supported from our main offices in United States, Australia and South America. We have been partakers of numerous projects at their different stages depending on our customer’s requirements..

Raul M Leon



Visual Testing... Level III
Magnetic Particle Testing... Level III
Ultrasonic Testing... Level III
Radiography Testing... Level II
Electromagnetic Testing... Level III

Jhoana Vargas



Visual Testing... Level II
Magnetic Particle Testing... Level II
Ultrasonic Testing... Level II
Radiography Testing... Level II
Electromagnetic Testing... Level II

Our keys...

Our succes is based on this fundamental keys

Advanced Representations and Technology Partners

Strategic alliances are the fundamental axis of our company's development, which is why our main purpose is to represent and share technological innovations with the world's leading companies.

Material Characterization

As new products and applications results from advances in science and technology, we strive in understanding this new materials and develop solutions for our customer needs. For that we have a state of the art laboratory manned by a group of scientists and engineers which are exclusively dedicated to perform research of new materials technologies and materials characterization.


Research and science are the seeds of economic success. We understand the critical factor in the survival of a company in a global industrial market is the key to the progress. The global industrial landscape is changing fast and it is essential to revise our design and products continuously. Our R&D program requires strategic alliances, acquisitions, and networks to tap into the innovations of our competitors.


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